Best Nephrologist in Dubai l Dr Amitabh

Best Nephrologist in Dubai

Dr. Amitabh Kulkarni is a highly skilled and experienced nephrologist practising in Dubai, and Providing Comprehensive Kidney Care for Over 16 Years

Best Nephrologist in Dubai

Why Choose Dr Amitabh?

Your Kidneys, Your Health, Your Future - Trust Dr Amitabh Kulkarni.


Dr. Kulkarni's extensive training and experience make him a trusted authority in nephrology.


He understands the physical and emotional challenges that come with kidney diseases and provides support every step of the way.

Cutting-Edge Care

Dr. Kulkarni stays at the forefront of medical advancements to offer the best possible treatments.

Patient-Centric Approach

Your health and well-being are his top priorities, and he tailors treatments to your unique needs.

Best Nephrologist in Dubai

Meet Dr Amitabh

Dr. Amitabh Kulkarni is a renowned nephrologist based in Dubai, UAE, with a remarkable journey dedicated to improving kidney health. His credentials speak volumes about his expertise: MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine), and DNB (Nephrology). Dr. Kulkarni’s unwavering commitment to excellence led him to pursue a clinical fellowship in Nephrology at the University of Ottawa, Canada. With over 16 years of clinical experience, he has made a significant impact in the field of nephrology, serving patients in one of the UAE’s largest private hospitals for the past decade.

Services /Treatments

Outpatient and inpatient services for kidney disease

Outpatient services provide kidney care without hospitalization, including consultations and dialysis.

Treatment of Acute and chronic kidney diseases

Acute kidney disease is managed with rapid interventions, while chronic kidney disease requires ongoing care.

Treatment of hypertension

Hypertension is treated with lifestyle changes and medication to lower high blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, and kidney problems.

Kidney biopsy

Kidney biopsy is a diagnostic procedure where a small tissue sample is extracted from the kidney to assess kidney conditions, identify diseases, and guide treatment.

Hemodialysis for acute and chronic kidney disease

Hemodialysis is a life-saving treatment for both acute and chronic kidney disease, removing waste and excess fluids from the blood when the kidneys can’t function properly.

Medical management of kidney stones

Medical management of kidney stones involves pain relief, hydration, dietary changes, and sometimes medications to facilitate stone passage or reduce stone formation.

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What Patients Say About me

"Dr. Amitabh Kulkarni is an exceptional nephrologist. His dedication to my kidney health has been outstanding. His expertise and caring approach have made a significant impact on my life, and I am grateful for his guidance."
"I can't express enough gratitude for Dr. Kulkarni's outstanding care. He provided me with the best possible treatment and support for my kidney condition. His knowledge and compassion are truly remarkable."
"Dr. Amitabh Kulkarni is not just a doctor but a guardian for my kidney health. He has gone above and beyond to ensure I receive the best care and understand my condition. I trust him completely and couldn't have asked for a better nephrologist."

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